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Forging Success in Every Venture

Your Trusted Consulting Partner, Guiding Success Across Diverse Frontiers.

Based in Zagreb, Croatia

Our Story

Empowering Enterprises with Data-Driven Solutions.

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Our Mission

We're driven by the belief that data holds the key to unlocking business potential. Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge data science, risk management, and project management techniques to empower organizations to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth.

Our Vision

Through our comprehensive suite of services, we envision a future where businesses harness the power of data to navigate complexities with confidence and clarity. From optimizing operations to mitigating risks, we aim to be your trusted partner on the journey to success.

We are a compact team of capable individuals, united in expertise and dedication.

Tomislav Plesko
Chief Executive Officer

Our Services

We elevate your journey with value-focused strategies.

The power of data help us to solve complex problems and cultivate business solutions.

Data Science

We utilize statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization to extract insights from complex data, enabling informed decisions and driving innovation across various industries.

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Machine Learning

We employ algorithms to parse data, learn from it, and make informed decisions or predictions based on that learning, continually improving our approaches through experience and data analysis.

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Risk Management

We identify, analyze, and mitigate financial risks to protect assets and increase value. Our approach includes market analysis, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning to ensure financial stability and growth.

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Project Managment

We coordinate and oversee projects from conception to completion, managing resources, timelines, and stakeholder communication to ensure objectives are met within budget and scope constraints.

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Business Development

We enhance your growth through strategic partnerships, market expansion, and innovation, leveraging insights to identify opportunities, optimize operations and drive revenue.

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TrendForecast Pro Beta

is a application designed to forecast business trends for companies utilizing financial indicators. This powerful tool provides unparalleled insights into future market movements, enabling businesses and investors in Croatia to make informed decisions.

Analysis and prediction of trends for 140k Croatian companies
Analysis and prediction of trends based on 15 years of official financial data
Analysis and prediction of trends based on 49 official financial parameters
Prediction of a positive, stable, or negative trend
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How we work?

01. Discussion
We collect information on issues needing resolution through direct dialogue with clients, actively listening to their concerns and analyzing their feedback.
02. Design
Based on this, we design solutions by synthesizing client feedback, applying innovative thinking, and tailoring strategies to meet specific challenges and goals.
03. Development
From this foundation, we develop solutions utilizing data science, machine learning, etc., to create predictive models and intelligent systems tailored to specific needs.
04. Production
We transition to production, continuously refining and optimizing our solutions through iterative testing and feedback to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Open positions

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Junior Data Scientist

We are actively seeking a Junior Data Scientist, offering an opportunity for a motivated student to apply theoretical knowledge in practical contexts, under the guidance of seasoned professionals in the field.
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Junior Python Developer

We're in search of a Python Developer who is a student, providing a unique chance to blend academic learning with practical experience, contributing to impactful projects and honing skills in a supportive environment.

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